June 14, 2016

Here is a little inspiration for the 5 top herbs to grow in your Eden Planter.


This fragrant herb is a staple in our kitchen. It thrivesin the sun, so make sure you place your planterin a sunny window.

If you are entering winter you can still grow basil indoors successfully, infact a recent study has shown that basil grown indoors has a higher concentration of essential oil.

Harvest by pinching out the tips/ sprigs of the Basil. This will encourage further growth and keep you basil from becoming too leggy.

Cooking tips: A...

June 14, 2016

It's here! Pi day! What...you've never heard of it? Well to be honest,neither had I untillast year and it is now set to become an annual celebration for us andone of favorite reasons to get together to cook and eat.

Pi day is the day when the date matches the mathematical constant Pi (3.14justin case you were wondering!) And in celebration my girlfriend organised apie baking (and eating) competition. This idea really tickled the hidden nerd, and not so hidden glutton, in me! I roped inmy friends and family in facebook land...

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