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The Okidome Eden Planter attaches cleanly and securely to windows, tiles,mirrors, stainless steel and other smooth flat surfaces.


Using the concealed Oki-Lock system this unique approach to indoor gardening puts your plants in the best position to recieve the light they need to flourish as well as freeing up valuable space in your kitchen, bathrooms and other living areas.


The Eden planter is ideal for growing indoor plants, herbs, succulents... even strawberries!

The Oki-Lock System

Our patented Oki-Lock suction system has been tested to easily hold 5 kilograms of weight. Easy to slide on and off, the innovative design makes it so simple to position your plants anywhere in your home or office.

Without the need for glue, nails or screws, the Eden Planter offers you the ultimate flexibility and freedom to position and reposition your plants where ever and when ever you desire.



I received the planter last Friday and I think it is a great quality product. I have just ordered another as it is fantastic!

Louise, London UK

We just discovered your beautiful planter online and we love it, we think it's brilliant!

Claire, France

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