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Top 5 herbs to grow indoors

Here is a little inspiration for the 5 top herbs to grow in your Eden Planter.


This fragrant herb is a staple in our kitchen. It thrives in the sun, so make sure you place your planter in a sunny window.

If you are entering winter you can still grow basil indoors successfully, infact a recent study has shown that basil grown indoors has a higher concentration of essential oil.

Harvest by pinching out the tips/ sprigs of the Basil. This will encourage further growth and keep you basil from becoming too leggy.

Cooking tips: Add to a tomato salad or make a delicious homemade pesto.


This hardy herb thrives in both sun and partial shade. It prefers moist soil but does not like to be overwatered so fill the water resevoir of your Eden planter and allow it to self water to keep the conditions just right. It’s spreading nature needs to be contained so is an ideal herb to grow in a pot.

Harvest the tips/ sprigs of the mint to encourage further growth leaving the more mature leaves on the stem

Cooking tips: Use in fresh mint tea, liven up a salad roll or muddle into your mojito.


Parsley is extremely adaptable and grows well in both full sun and shade. It prefers moist soil and is easy to grow.

Harvest the outer leaves allowing the inner leaves to mature giving you a longer harvest period.

Cooking tips: Finely chop up the parsley and toss through carbonara or winter stews to balance the richness or make a classic tabouleh salad.


A great starter herb for those new to gardening, chives are very easy to grow and extremely low maintenance thriving in most light conditions. They grow well in pots indoors and require little space so can yield a good harvest.

Harvest by snipping the outer leaves of the plant and allow the inner leaves to keep growing.

Cooking tips: Use in potato salad, minced with ginger and salt for a dipping sauce for poached chicken or tossed through smoked salmon scrambled eggs.


A cousin of the carrot and parsley, this pretty herb prefers a cool and shady area and grows quickly so is an ideal herb to grow indoors. Common in classic French cooking it has pretty lacy leaves and a delicate aniseed taste.

Harvest by snipping the stems about a 1/3 of the way down. This will encourage more growth and discourage flowering.

Cooking tips: Fold through eggs or potato salads. Pairs well with fish and chicken and balances and lifts buttery or creamy sauces.

If you are inspired to grow your own herbs here is a link to get a great deal on the Eden Suction Planter!

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